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Jimani to Carrefour Feuilles and Beyond- Day One

January 16, 2010

Today is a new day.   We arrived safely after Beneco stayed with us and maneuvered a ride from Jimani to the Carrefour-Feuilles area.  The border was filled with press, aid workers, and people exiting the country and heading to DR.  We drove through Malpasse and there were a few broken buildings there.  This area is about 2 hours away from the capital.  For those who have done this journey, you can understand the severity of the quake.  En route we saw the road with straight lines of cracks running through them.  It looked as if a lightening bolt cut a line right through the ground.

The closer we got to Croix de Bouquet the more things began to change.  Our camion was heading to the heart of the beast while everyone else was heading out.  It was a mass exodus.  People were fleeing on foot.  Many salvaged what they could and only had a sack of their belongings.  Camps of people are setup along the way and this was the first sign of the earthquakes impact.

My family in Carrefour Feuilles is safe and sound but the area is wrecked.  That is an understatement.  This event is an unfortunate way for Haiti to once again make history, and this is historic.  I have been getting names of people.  I am walking around with a recorder at all times so that I can post the sounds of the streets (that will come shortly).

As you may all know now, Champs de Mars is a camp filled with people.  There is no dignity in the streets because that is now your bathroom.  You can see mothers, babies, men, and women bathing with cups of water, using the bathroom out in the open on the streets.  Right now Haitian people are in a mode where survival is the only priority.  Food is scarce, water is scarce, although I have seen some pumps in a few areas everyday the odds get worse and worse.

Here are a few clips and photos from my journey yesterday.

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