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Donate To Local Organizations

January 18, 2010

I am in Haiti and since last week there still has been no aid going out to people. No water, no food, nothing!!! Giving your money to the Red Cross and Wyclef’s Yele ( and all these big organizations have not translated to anything for the people. I have not seen Yele, I have not seen anything. There are small groups of local organizations coming. They are all coming through the DR. The US has taken over the airport and redirecting them to Santiago and from  there we must wait to truly help and be helped. My friends have a very organized camp of people and a team already here. They deal with disaster and are extremely organized and they would not let them land their equipment here! They had to go to the DR. Meanwhile there is no water, food, homes, and it’s hot with the scent of bodies. Naked children with no food. Old women with no water…think before you give! SOIL (  is coming tomorrow and we need people to help. There’s no access folks and those with access have not been giving it! Please use your money wisely people and send it to those are are really helping. It’s hot, people are in the sun outside and  there is no water or supplies being distributed…

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