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Photos II

January 25, 2010

I haven’t had much time to post pictures because of the internet access and because I have been quite busy out on the streets providing food, medical supplies, and love to several marginalized communities in Haiti…That being said, here are a few photos from my first couple of days…

This is me.  Regine Zamor, in front of the Minister of Justice.  This fire burned all through the night.  I passed by later on and it was even more disintegrated than it was before.

A body lying on the street.  Out of respect, Haitian people covered the corpse as it lay exposed on the street.

“Men Anpil, Chay pa lou,” many hands make a lighter load.  Young men scavenging through the rubble and looking for survivors.

Our White House

A man running away from the chaos of fire and destruction during the first week of the earthquake’s aftermath.

The minister of justice continues to collapse and burns while residents of the city run to safety.

A fire burns at a makeshift camp in the heart of the city

Piles of bodies on the way to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A glimpse of what most of Port au Prince now looks like.


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