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Delivering Medical Supplies to Kenscoff

January 27, 2010

James from Habitat from Humanity and Pastor Rigaud from my hometown in New Rochelle came to assist and get updates on their sites in Haiti.  They also brought medical supplies.  Janie Wynne, a pillar of the Kenscoff community had informed of their needs, and so we took the drive up the mountain past La Boule, Pelerin, Tomassin and Fermathe, finally reaching Kenscoff.  They are still in need of tents and blankets.  There are many villages surrounding the big homes in Kenscoff, and they also suffered casualties, 61 to be specific, lost homes and have many who are in need.  Janie asked me to let the people know that they need blankets and tents.  It is very cold and many are sleeping outside on the streets as well.  If someone you know can provide these supplies please leave a comment, so that I can get these items to Janie and the Kenscoff community.

Janie and James in front of the Wynne home.

A representative from the mayors office came to collect the supplies.  They are quite organized in this area and have a list of people, homes, displaced, and needs all documented.  The community has set up a site at one of the local schools and have been using that as a place of refuge and storage for all aid supplies.

Pastor Rigaud, James from Habitat from Humanity, Mayors office Representative, Janie Wynne, Regine Zamor, and Marc Arthur who accompanied Dr Masani Accime from Anse-a-Pitres.


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