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A Rainbow Over Cite Soleil- Photos from January 26th, 2010

January 31, 2010

Don and Lynn, two amazing medical professionals I met who have been doing work in Haiti for a long time.  I met them by helping out at this medical clinic in Cite Soleil.  Since then, they have been spending everyday with me and several other docs doing medical clinics in Carrefour Feuilles.

Everyone sleeps on the street still…including everyone in the Cite Soleil community…

Many women and children during this medical clinic.  This baby was being tended to by Dr Don.  Bernard is in the background and is also part of the team.  He translates and assists in a myriad of ways.

This is not the mother of little Jonathan.  Its a neighbor who brought the baby in.  Jonathon was born the night before the medical clinic on the street.  He had not eaten yet because the mother has HIV and was told she cannot feed the baby.  She had planned on getting his milk the day after and didn’t realize by not feeding him all this time he would die.  Dr Don examined the baby and we gave clear information and direction to the mom so that this baby would have a chance at living.

This is Jonathon.  My inspiration of the day…He was born on Monday, January 25th on the streets of Cite Soleil.

When we finished the clinic we were blessed with a rainbow as we drove away.

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