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Medical Clinic II, Route Chili, Carrefour Feuilles

February 1, 2010

We found a medical clinic that was being cared for by a few nuns right around the corner from the Olofsson hotel.  These are a few photos of the busy day.  There were 928 people at this one camp.  All community folks who lost their homes and mainly mothers and their children and whole families.

Dr Marc Binard, Lynn and Dr Don consult patients and one another while treating patients.

My inspiration on this one day were the twins.  These two beautiful baby boys were born the day after the earthquake.  They were also born on the street and are miraculously healthy.  Dr Binard examined both of the little gentleman and made sure to examine the mom, who also has two other children.  Their survival depends on how healthy she remains.

The camp was set up on the land of an old gingerbread house.  We held the medical clinic on the terrace of the house.  We later met the owner “Babette” who not only has this land filled with camps but several soccer fields and other terrain in the Carrefour Feuilles hills.  Day-by-day we have been locating them and setting up medical clinics for each community.  This picture is from the steps of the house and from the site of our medical clinic.

We saw about 900 patients on this day.  When we were just about done one of the camp residents came in with a woman who had collapsed.  The team treated her on the spot.  She lost her mother and has been disoriented ever since and has panic attacks and stress to the point of passing out on a regular basis now.  I witnessed a lot of this, especially at vigils.  The condition of the Haitian people need to be addressed not just on a physical medical level but on a holistic mental and emotional level as well.  Many of the children won’t eat since the earthquake and are dehydrated.  People are afraid of homes and walls and buildings, and we all continue to sleep outside still.

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