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Photos: Medical Clinic III- From Beginning to End

February 1, 2010

Setting up for the Medical Clinic further up in the hills of Carrefour Feuilles

It is extremely hot now, and so we got a tarp put up for the hours of work under sun.

This is what the community now looks like up here. The people in the camps used to have homes, which are now rubble.

Setting up the tarp

Another day, another medical clinic

The condition of the wounds became worse the higher up in the hills we went.

15-day-old baby being seen by Dr Don who is a pediatrician in Tennessee

Dr Marc Binard with the cutest little 4-year-old…she had amazing energy and spirit

Medical team with Geralda and Frenzy.  They both are living in the first camp that we treated and have helped us every day since.

We witnessed a distribution after we finished the 6-hour medical clinic.  Hygiene items were being delivered to people in the community of the camp.

If you click on this photo you will see the spleen and charred body of a victim that could not be removed.  People are living in the vicinity of the dead bodies and many of them have not been removed.  The ones that have been removed have been removed by the people in the community.  When they cannot take them out they burn them so that the stench doesn’t pervade the air as they live directly across from corpses.

The site of the community after the event

Baby shoes lay in the rubble

The view as we hiked back down after the clinic

We met some community children who were very happy to see us a we hiked down.  They haven’t seen much aid traffic in this area and so we chatted them up a bit.  They sleep outside as well with their families.

More makeshift tents

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