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Where to Donate for Effective Earthquake Relief

February 22, 2010

In response to the inquiries about where to donate, we strongly advise supporting local, grassroots organizations in Haiti. Our partners with local and sustainable programs that are well established are conducting local/grassroots relief operations that have directly reached those in need, with immediacy.

BAGAY DWOL RELIEF FUND The purpose of this initiative is to empower hard to reach local Haitian communities throughout the rebuilding process of Haiti with the necessary tools and resources for survival and rehabilitation. We achieve this through the on-the-ground leadership of Haitian-American Regine Zamor, who is working to bridge the gap between the communities and major relief organizations to support the distribution of aid, work effectively with local orphanages, fund and coordinate activities for youth, organize mobile medical clinics in underserved areas, and enlist local Haitian community organizers and residents in relief efforts.

UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate for children. We are part of the Global Movement for Children – a broad coalition dedicated to improving the life of every child. Through this movement, we encourage young people to speak out and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. UNICEF upholds the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We work for the Millennium Development Goals and for the progress promised in the United Nations Charter. We strive for peace and security, and work to hold everyone accountable to the promises made for children.

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods(SOIL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting soil resources, empowering communities and transforming wastes into resources in Haiti. We attempt to nurture collective creativity through developing collaborative relationships between community organizations in Haiti and academics and activists internationally empowering communities, building the soil, nourishing the grassroots.

C.O.H.E.F.(Children of Haiti Enhancement Foundation) is a non-profit, grassroots organization that focuses on and assists the underprivileged children of Haiti. C.O.H.E.F. promotes education in rural Haiti, and improves the basic needs of a targeted population. The methods are, “adopting” schools in rural Haiti, supporting their activities, and helping in their growth and development. C.O.H.E.F. also offers scholarships to young adults to attend college or university in Haiti.

HOSPITAL SACRE COEUR(HSC), CRUDEM(Center for the Rural Development of Milot) is the largest private hospital in the North of Haiti. Located in the town of Milot, the 73-bed hospital has provided uninterrupted service for 23 years. This premier Haitian healthcare facility has been a beacon of hope for the people of Northern Haiti as it creates a healthier Haiti, one dignified life at a time. Since the earthquake they have been treating hundred of patients, and created a tent hospital to treat over 248 patients. This hospital is doing marvelous work and employs over 250 local people.

NOUVELLE VIE Haiti’s mission builds upon two years of existing work in Haiti, in which IAHV has provided youth leadership, sustainable agriculture, and entrepreneurship training, impacting 350 young adults from 5 regions of Haiti: Cap Haitien, Mirebalais, Hinche, Carrefour and Les Cayes. After the immediate emergency of the Haitian 2010 Earthquake passes, Haitian citizens and aid workers will begin suffering the emotional, physiological and psychological effects of overwhelming stress and trauma. It is critical that we introduce a new disaster relief model that equips the Haitian people both to address their own psychological challenges, and to regain as much self- sufficiency and material security as possible.

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  1. Lili permalink
    March 2, 2010 12:26 pm

    kudos on your work and spirit. I am Dr. Binard’s sister and he’s told me much about your amazing efforts in Ayiti. I have been trying to get in touch with someone at SOIL regarding fundraising events I am having in my community. I’m sure they are very busy, but do you know if they have someone stateside I could coordinate with? Or someone in Ayiti who might have the time to speak to me? Thank you,
    Sally Binard

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