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In Memory of Bebe Dezod…

March 5, 2010

I wrote a blog entry called Baby Dezod.  Little Baby Dezod being born was a breakthrough day in the harsh realities of the devastation.  It was hope and faith manifested.

Today I spoke with the Moms sister and was told Baby Dezod didn’t make it.  Baby Dezod, born premature, was released just one day after being born.  The baby was being given oxygen and from there went back home, up in the hills of Carrefour Feuilles, to sleep on the street.

Nurse Lynn and I were concerned and in shock when the sister told me that they had been released.  I never had time to go visit them again before I left because I was caring and coordinating for other areas with people that needed medical attention.  The second I got back to Haiti I began calling to inquire about the baby.  I even had some supplies and hygiene items and a small tent for the mom in case she didn’t have one.  It brought tears to my eyes to hear that our hope and faith manifested had died three days later.

It is negligence, the way Haitian people are being treated.  It is negligence to not continue to support mobile medical clinics when people like Bebe Dezod live up in the hills and cannot get to the clinics in Delmas and the downtown area.  It is negligence to release a patient because there is not enough space in a facility.  It is negligent to not disperse tents to every single human being living on the streets and sleeping on the floor, especially with the rain right now.  It is negligence to not see Haitian people as HUMAN BEINGS.  We are not savages and dangerous.  Bebe Dezod was a baby.  He deserved to live, and not die on the streets.  He deserved more love and care than that.  We did so much to make sure that he survived, it is a shame that negligence took his life.

Please continue to support local community people.  Any doctors coming to town, please contact me so that we can continue this invaluable work of mobile medical clinics.

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  1. March 7, 2010 3:29 am

    Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to this journey with you through your blog.
    twitter@viequesbound, twitter@hugsforhaiti

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