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A Break and a Discovery to Share

March 15, 2010

This weekend I reluctantly took a one-day break after being convinced that there was internet at the beach house I was going to visit.  I’m glad I took a moment to rejuvenate, and  while I was at it, I discovered several camp settlements on the way to the beach and back.  As we left the city on Route 9 headed North to the beach there was a massive camp off of Route 9 where there was no access to water, food, or services.  These camps are off of major roads yet they are clearly invisible, as there are no signs of aid there.  The photos below capture the camps and the lack of attention they have received.

At the beach I encountered peace, serenity, and calm.  I spent a lot of time breathing and resting and working, and feeling the energy of nature and Haiti.  As I sat and looked out at the ocean a floating piece of wood and trash that had formed an entity slowly cruised by.  It reminded me of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch reminding us all that Haiti is only providing a lesson that is relevant in all of our lives and detrimental to our futures and the health of our beloved Mother Earth.

I am looking to find out who the lead agency for this area is, so that I may speak with them and inquire about how to get services for the people living in these conditions.  It has been raining.  The hard kinda downpour type of rain in the middle of the night.  I can’t forget the folks living like this when it rains and they are now on my to-do list.  Finding out information is the least that I can do…

In Solidarity,


Taking a moment out to soak the other side of the country in...the nature and beauty.

This reminds me of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, just a very tiny version of one in Haiti.

This is the camp on route 9 by Fort National

this is a continuation of the massive camp...

another angle...

more photos from the same site...

there are very few tents as you can see here...its mostly tarps over the makeshift shelters...

a close-up...

another camp on Fort National...

and another one...

Here's a different camp on Fort National...

No tents here...

or here, or anywhere along this route...

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  1. Alex permalink
    March 16, 2010 12:08 am

    Regine, Thank you for sharing these photos and writings. Its important for everyone to see the reality of these images. Every time I know its raining in Haiti I always think of the thousands who suffer through it. These make-shift tents are not enough and more needs to be done!! Sending you lots of love!

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