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Another Account: From a Red Cross Nurse

March 16, 2010

I do not have any more information than what was in my email about my time in Haiti.  I only went out once and got this information.  I was working in Carrefour hospital, and we had curfew and where not allowed  to be out in the society very often, so I had one day, and I did this observation there.

An account from a Red Cross nurse:

I went down as a nurse and got a lot of information about the situation.  The situation there is
catastrophic, and needs long-term attention of the International society.  The situation now is bad because of the rainy season starting. The situation is tough because people do not have enough shelter and are angry with the government because of lack of action. There is a curfew from 18 in the evening till 06 in the morning every night (military time). I was working in a hospital from the German/Finish Red Cross, as a ward nurse teaching nursing basic things.
Then I had one day off and I went to Leogane, where it was the epicenter of the earthquake. All is a ruin there and they really need food, shelters and someone to help them to build up their lives again.  They had only help from World Food Program for  the 2 first weeks and since then not any help from anyone.  We stopped [to speak with] with an orphanage and I started to talk to 2 wonderful boys.  They had 21 kid in this orphanage: 14 where saved, 6 where found dead and 1 is still laying in the ruins. I cried.  These boys where making surveys of the need around how many where in a family and what they needed I told them to continue, so then they could show the real need when someone shows up there.
All was broken down, it has been the only school for the kids in the surrounding areas. I met sisters as well, which had their education programs there previously, and were now independent, beautiful girls, working somewhere.  There was as well an old man who was like their dad- very nice good man.  These boys I spoke of- they were educated at the orphanage, which was supported before by a church in the US, and they had not had any news from this church since before the earthquake.
From Red Cross Nurse…
My question is: where is the lead agency in charge of Carrefour Feuilles and Leogane?  The one lead agency ACTED is responsible for both these areas, and both are severely under-served.  Just food for thought…

In Solidarity
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