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March 27, 2010

Its nature and it is a nurturer, this RAIN.  And like everything before January 12th nothing has the same associations any longer.  This RAIN crashes down with the weight of suffocation.  This unavoidable RAIN keeps me alert to what the hurricane season will whip us with.  This RAIN makes me angry that tents are in the “pipeline,” “in-country storage,” or wherever they chose to be, yet deliberately far from reach from those who are beaten by the RAIN.

This RAIN overpowers my headphones in my ears with the volume at maximum level, no matter what genre I play.  This RAIN creates the breeze that Haiti needs during the day, yet comes only with the price of its pounding at night.  This RAIN makes me and others cry.  This RAIN makes me reach out to community people and orphanages, and those I know who are under its wash.  Perhaps they never pick up because they are too busy trying to cope with this RAIN.  This RAIN makes me question whether or not tomorrow will be a day of emergency, once again, and so I prepare either way.

This RAIN means nothing to some, and everything to others.  This RAIN gives some people jobs and has potential to take some peoples lives.  This RAIN represents too much…the washing away of debris into the street.  The insecurity that we must face living in HAITI.  The contrast and raw reality of HAITI.

Maybe like the “earthquake of justice” nickname the rain should also be given its place.  If January 12th was about justice than perhaps the RAIN is about baptism, or libation, or just a simple reminder for those who continue to NEGLECT “red zones,” and dont see Haitians but numbers in meetings that are supposed to serve the people yet find their way to focus on “security”. There are no zones when it comes to the RAIN.

Maybe its just RAIN and only the people in Haiti (the PEOPLE) care enough to know what it means.

I don’t sleep much when it rains.  I have aching cries.  I work, or write and share and I let myself go through the complicated process of being in HAITI, helping to assist those who deserve inclusion and dignity, and shelter, and empowerment.

It’s still RAINING.  I always pray that it stops until I eventually sleep…


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  1. March 27, 2010 10:27 am

    I was so worried last night… it started pretty strongly. I dragged all my stuff away from the balcony, thinking it would keep pouring down stronger.

    But it stopped, at least in Delmas 33, after about 15 minutes.

    • March 27, 2010 12:33 pm

      Yeah, it was strong here and it was def more than 15 minutes. Thank goodness it stopped after a while. I still couldn’t sleep after the fact. Thanks for reading and commenting Hermano.

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