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Info: Santo 25 CAMP

March 30, 2010

Please share this info far and wide:

I am writing on behalf of a camp of 2800 people who have not yet been registered with any NGO.

Located at Santo 25, Rue Canaan #26, they have

NO shelter

NO latrines or other means of sanitation

NO access to potable water

NO food

There are about 20 amputees with no access to medical care

There are about 300 children from 2-12 years of age

There are about 20 infants

I have written Jack Harding (Camp Registration) about their situation.

Anything you can do to forward this information to the appropriate people will be greatly appreciated

Their contact information:

OPEACB (Organisation Populaire Économique pour l’Avancement de la Commune Croix des Bouquets)
President: Presendieu Petit-Rois: 3832-7593;
Secretaire Géneral: Germain Joane: 3805-9945;
Secretaire Adjoint: Mickenson, Payen: 3622-6979:

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  1. March 31, 2010 8:52 pm

    Where is this encampment located? We’re trying to find it so that I can hopefully send someone to bring aid. I can see that it is in the Carrefour Feuilles area but need more info. Thank you

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