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Organisation Pour La Reconstruction Et L’Assenissement de Carrefour Feuilles (ORAC)

April 19, 2010

I have been working to assist many communities in Haiti and the one that is near and dear to my heart, aside from women and children has been Carrefour Feuilles. We have been “red zoned” and this means that many organization are not allowed to be here and there are many restrictions on the aid efforts in the country since the earthquake. I began my work here on January 14th when I arrived not expecting to do the work that I have been doing because I, like many others, didn’t find out about our “red zone” status until we realized nothing was being done to aid this community, which is one of the largest, hardest hit areas.

We have now formed a committee organization called ORAC and have done an assessment of needs. The committee is comprised of camp members and people who have not received much support, and they are all volunteers now. We are working hard for Carrefour Feuilles and our vision is based on participation and inclusion and really hearing what our communities want and need.

14 Coordinators, each representing communities that make up the area of Carrefour Feuilles have done an assessment within each of the following areas: Bredi, Jeudi, Fouchard, Decayette, Ravine Oloffson, Rue St Gerard, Savann Pistach, Impasse Bein Aimee, Impasse Marchand, Bas Beau Boeuf, Impasse Leonard, Mont des Oliviers, Lakou Mirey, Dekayet (Venus 2), Terre Blanch, and Tapis Rouge.  Each area and subsequent needs are below.  The information below has come from community members and local committee members from each area, therefore the communities have actively participated in voicing their
opinions on what their needs are, both long-term and with urgency.

Bredi et Jeudi
60 Families
420 People

Needs: Clean Water, Cooking Facilities, Training, Toilets (17-count), Electricity, Tents, Internet

2 Camps, 1 in Fort Mecredi
407 People

Needs: Tents, Community School, Professional School, Cyber Café, Food, and Scholarships for School

318 People

Needs: Food, Community School, Cyber Café, and Scholarships for School, Tents, and Professional/Training Schools

Ravine Olofsson
250 People

Needs: Roads, Electricity, Computer Material, Reconstruction, Cyber Café, Community Cleanup (including rubble, garbage, etc), Running Water Systems

Urgent Needs: Water, Rubble Removal and Cleanup, Community Clinic

Rue St Gerard
107 Families (fluctuating)

Needs: Engineers to verify homes that are safe and not safe, Community School. Kitchen Materials and Utensils to cook, Rubble Removal. Youth and Children Center, Toilets (34 count), Electricity and Cyber Café

Savann Pistach
7 Camps

Impasse Bien Aimee
200 people
40 families
30 Shelters

Needs: Clean Water, Community Kitchen, Clinic, Community School, and Educational Center for the youth, Recreational Center, Cyber Café

Impasse Marchand
80 Families
50 Shelters

Needs: Reconstruction, Educational Center for the Youth, Toilets, Schools, Cyber Café,

Bas Beau Boeuf
700 Families
300 Shelters

Needs: Schools, Electricity, Cyber Café, Clinic, Lieu de Formation

Impasse Leonard
86 Families
86 Shelters

Needs: Potable Water, Shelter, Community School, Cooking Facilities, Educational Center, Cyber Café, Means for Cleanup (including Rubble, and garbage, etc)

Mont des Oliviers
150 Families
100 Shelters

Needs: Potable Water, Hospital, School, Toilets, Cooking Facilities, Cyber Café

Lakou Mirey
250 Families
250 Shelters

Needs: Cooking Facilities, Tents for Schools, Community Schools, Pyscho Social Services, Educational/Training Center

Dekayet (Venus 2)
500 Families
500 Shelters

Needs: Cooking Facilities, Lieu de Formations, Community Schools, Psycho Social Programs, Professional Schools, Reforestation, Cyber Café

Terre Blanch:
80 Families

Needs: Comfortable Shelter, Rubble Removal, Community Clinic, Clean Potable Water, Toilets, Cyber Café

Tapis Rouge
12,000 people
3600 families

Needs: Work, Potable Water, Professional Training, Electricity, Toilets (480), Showers, Clinics, Orphanage, Community School with a clinic staffed with nurses, Cyber Cafe

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  1. April 19, 2010 3:12 pm

    I find it interesting and hopeful, really, that, in the poorest of the poor neighborhoods, and in addition to the most basic human needs of food, water, shelter, and toilets, that all except one list “Cyber Cafe” as a need. Not a “want” or a “would be nice to have.” A “need.”

    If I were in their circumstances, my list would be exactly the same. Connectivity with the outside world has become so much a part of our existence that it is now a basic need. Amazing.

    It is my sincerely hope and prayer that someone or some group will come through for the people of Carrefour Feuilles.

    • April 20, 2010 1:11 am

      Thanks for the comment…internet is very important. It is how many of us knew that we needed to come down, after hearing from the people. Its an important mechanism for truth and for the reality beyond the traditional media to be shared. I hope that we also gain support for Carrefour Feuilles…I’m def working on it. Love & Light

  2. April 26, 2010 6:38 pm

    We were in Carrefour in late February and early March with a team from Atlanta and the need was great. We brought aid and medical treatment to Notre Dame Orphanage, but our help was small when compared with what is needed. I’ve written about our journey to Haiti and what we experienced there on my blog. There are many pictures.

    I don’t know when we can return. How can we help until then? Is there another way I can communicate directly with you?

    • April 28, 2010 6:26 pm

      The best way to help is to support local grassroots organization and communities…there are a lot of us out here. Also, Haiti is off the media radar and so keeping Haiti relevant is important and another great way to help. You can reach me at

      Much Love Cheryl

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