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April 23, 2010

It has been a serious two weeks!  The Nouvelle Vie Haiti pilot program is up and running, the Carrefour Feuilles committee group ORAC has been established and the documentary STRANGE THINGS is beginning to gain some leverage for viewing.  All of that and the intensity of this recent gas crisis has kept me from writing blog entries, and so here I am and here we are.  Today I did a live interview with Al Jazeera TV about the progress and realities of Haiti now that it has been 100 days since the earthquake.  I tried not to be too critical and also speak to the community developed/based work that has been producing change.

The Carrefour Feuilles committee has been meeting once a week with myself, and our newest supporting member, Richard Morse.  Together, we have all decided that Carrefour Feuilles will achieve more support if we are organized and have plans on how to help the communities here.  We have done assessments and are now ready for partnerships, support in a myriad of ways, and visibility.  We are looking towards the future and the people have asked for long term projects and basic standards for living such as water, food, sanitation, schools, community centers, and cleanup.  For the 14 coordinators who make up the ORAC committee, I have been working on getting training for the group.  The group of individuals have been volunteering and are also victims of the earthquake and natural leaders.  In order to continue to grow and have the best possibility for success I am looking to secure training on mobilization, professionalism, planning, communication, documentation, and area specific, like sanitation (which ACTED supplied), education, etc…Any suggestions, donations or offers to support these individuals?

Nouvelle Vie Haiti is a stress trauma capacity building program in Haiti.  Our relationship began as meetings for potential partnership with STRANGE THINGS, considering they have a street children program up North.  Since January 12th we have been working closely together and I am assisting the program that is “for Haitians and by Haitians” to establish its place in Port-au-Prince.  For over two years Nouvelle Vie was operating in Hinche, Mirebalais, Cap Haitien, Les Cayes, and Carrefour, and now Port-au-Prince will have a group of Haitian youth leaders serving their country and neighbors with stress/trauma relief skills and workshops and agriculture education.  I am so humbles to be a part of this program launch in PAP…this is truly investing in Haiti’s future, youth by youth, community by community.

See you sooner than later…I’ll be writing more in the next coming days.

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