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Updates Galore…

May 5, 2010

Last week I was in New York and today, I’m typing to you from the Oloffson.  Its been quite some time since I’ve written and would like to catch everyone up…

The Nouvelle Haiti pilot program went extremely well!  See for yourself here.  The capacity building program works with youth leaders, providing stress trauma relief workshops to communities and individuals and sharing agriculture knowledge and garden installations.  We’re now at a place where we are preparing for following up with the communities we’ve served and preparing to serve consistently.

STRANGE THINGS documentary is getting ready for TV!!  I’ll share more details on our website and the blog once we can.  We’re also in the middle of solidifying a partnership to support advocacy for Haiti’s children in the areas of education and human rights. Stay tuned and check out the website for updates.

ORAC has continued to meet and they have been quite busy.  Richard Morse went with our members to the JP/HRO camp at the Petionville Golf Club.  RAM did their first concert for the camp last week and yesterdays visit was of a different substance.  Our 14 coordinators had an opportunity to meet with other coordinators and volunteers during the PV Golf Club visit.  Today we discuss the trip and ideas and also share updates with one another.  I am working on getting training and workshop on the following:

* Community Mobilization

* Planning

* Communication

* Technology

* Sanitation (We’ve had one provided by ACTED)

* Health

* Disaster/Emergency Response

* Financial Planning, including Budgets, Reconciliation, Record Keeping

The idea is to invest in the 14 members, so that we can work efficiently and effectively.  Any organizations or professional volunteers that are interested in a partnership to support us in this work are welcome.  This is an opportunity to support the rebuilding of Haiti directly by investing and supporting local communities and community leaders.  Please email:

In Solidarity…its good to be back

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