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Meeting Our Goals: Bagay Dwol Haiti Relief Fund

May 7, 2010

I wanted to write a bit about the work here in Haiti that I have been fortunate to do and give an update on our goals for the Bagay Dwol Haiti Relief Fund.
  • Facilitate community participation in the rebuilding of Haiti
  • Bridge the gap between organizations and local communities
  1. Through working with local communities, specifically and consistently with Carrefour Feuilles we have created ORAC (Organisation pour la Reconstruction etL’assainissement de Carrefour Feuilles).  This community based committee (we’re working on getting recognized as a local Haitian organization) has a vision that includes participation, action, and partnering with local and international stakeholders so that the resources are reaching the people, and the people have a voice in what aid is given and how it is delivered.  We’ve achieved another breakthrough today!  We will have our first workshop in strategic planning in a few weeks and we are working on a forum where our international and local org colleagues and the community will communicate and potentially build on solidarity movements.
  • Support local medical clinics
  1. As medical supplies come in, we have distributed to local Haitian doctors and coordinators in support of their community clinics.  Just this morning we were able to deliver a box of medical supplies to Metellus who has been coordinating with Matthew 25, and a clinic in Carrefour.  The Carrefour Feuilles clinic was forced to shut its doors due to not having enough support financially, structurally and staff-wise.
  • Provide funding to sustainable grassroots Haitian organizations
  1. As we continue to grow and receive more donations we will be able to support local and grassroots programs financially.  Although very small, we may be able to make a contribution that goes along way.  We hope that this fund continues to grow and are working towards that path.
  • Support the livelihood, protection, safety, and human rights of Haitian children.
  1. We have put together a proposal for partnership for a community based effort to have children registered.  The proposal for partnership addresses many issues in the area of child protection and acts as a safeguard and community building mechanism.  It takes a village, and this proposal uses that model, so that the village can begin working together and support one another.  The proposal also educates and creates accountability for those serving unaccompanied children.  We’re pushing for this partnership and will share the pdf with you very soon.
Please feel free to share any ideas for support…
And have a beautiful day…
In Solidarity
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