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Investing in the Rural Area: Bas Gromand, La Plaine

June 7, 2010

Thanks to several supporters like Jimmy Buffet’s Foundation, Singing For Change and Donna “Sunshine” Smith, Richard and I have been able to begin assessing not just Carrefour Feuilles in Port-au-Prince, but also the rural area of Bas Gromand, La Plaine.  Our first initial meeting with the community was attended by over 130 people!  The community has no electricity, running water, drinking water, school, livelihood or roads.  They have been completely marginalized and neglected for years.  There used to be a sugar mill in the community and at one time they used to produce sugar, but when the country began importing sugar, the mill shut down.  Haiti no longer is a major source of exporting products…we recently are importers of the same products that we were best sellers in.  This closing of the sugar mills resulted in the community not being able to support themselves and so another wave of individuals had to leave for Port-au-Prince or like many others, they continue to live in the community and travel hours to get to school or work, or stay behind and tend to the land and try to make the best of what they have.  There is no pity for the people of Bas Gromand.  They are very able and willing and are looking for a true investment.

Through the work that Richard and I have been facilitating, we hope to provide the basic foundations for the people of Bar Gromand (and Carrefour Feuilles).  The community has formed a committee that represents their community and that is fully transparent.  Again, we will need support and this is the type of project, similar to ORAC, that will truly support Haitians to be leaders and have a choice and the means to run their lives without the dependency of aid.  We are not giving aid to the rural area, instead we are investing in the rural area.  Ayiti pap peri…

Thank you Jimmy Buffet and Donna Smith for your visit, time, and support…

This is what happens when it rains...

The water source that runs through the community and causes flooding when rains, or at times is completely dry...

Richard and Jimmy greeting members of the community...

This is how you have to get across to the other side of the community...

"three sisters," something I learned from Donna that is an indeginous Indian form of planting...

Find out what “three sisters” are here

Part of the walkthrough of Bar Gromand with Donna and Jimmy/photo credit: Donna Smith

Rural hospitality/photo credit: Donna Smith

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  1. June 10, 2010 1:56 pm

    Kudos! Keep up the good work.

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