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UPDATES: Meet the Bas Gromand Committee

June 20, 2010

Its been about a week and lots have been happening.  Sunday June 13th was the meeting with the people of Bas Gromand in La Plaine.  We had a wonderful session and the committee presented themselves and outlined their role, the communities needs, and how they will function.  Altogether, the committee is made up of of 11 members, both male and female. The presentation that was made not only introduced the community, and also introduced their needs.  This was an assessment done by the committee with the community of Bas Gromand.

“Our needs are a lot because our area has nothing in it.  If one evaluated our location you would see that there we do not have”:

  • A health clinic so that people can take care of themselves when sick Clean water because the water we have is not treated
  • Electricity which would encourage research and development Secondary schools.  After receiving a certificate, if you dont have money to travel to the city than you cannot attend.
  • Professional schools so that the youth can learn a trade
  • Community Center to hold meetings and receive visitors
  • A community bank to obtain credit for agriculture work or begin agriculture work
  • A market where the community can purchase food at decent prices
  • A recreation center for the community after working extremely hard during the week
  • Roads…this is the biggest challenge here

Our first meeting was over 100 people, this meeting was well over 130...

The community committee presents itself...

One of our guests at the meeting James Terjanian

community participants...

more community members...we had a lot of men and low attendance with women at this particular meeting because there was a funeral that most of the women attended.

We had another surprise guest at the meeting.  The assistant mayor of the area…Bas Gromand is certainly organized and prepared to take action and people are noticing!  We are hoping to implement our first project soon.  The potential project will be a clean water mobilization project where the community will finally have their own water: clean drinking water in a sustainable and financially sound manner. We are getting somewhere and will always keep you posted.

We’re having an ORAC meeting early this week and so there will be a lot more news to come. Stay tuned…

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  1. erickka sy savane permalink
    June 30, 2010 11:57 pm

    Hey Regine,
    I must say that knowing someone over there personally really
    brings it all home. There are things you read
    in the media and then there are blogs like yours that you can trust.
    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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