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August 14, 2010

Time is going by and before you know it we’ll be at the one year mark.  I hope that I can say that things are drastically different from today.  So what’s happening?  I wonder at times what is happening and ask the same question as well.  Luckily, I remain focused on the community work that brought me back to Haiti for good.  For me, its important to stay focused because Haiti can be a rabbit-hole.  You can get sucked into all types of causes, issues, and situations.  You can get sucked into one group, or just one scene, or get so turned off by the challenges that you turn your back and just get comfortable.  The day that I get too comfortable and accept the way that things are here, is the day that I no longer belong here.  That’s a promise that I have made to myself and to my community here.  A revolution is lifelong work…

My Opinion:

There are things happening on the ground here, its just that they are not happening fast enough and if you look at the conditions of the people- not much has changed.  Trucks are on the street and rubble is being removed, just not fast enough.  In my opinion, until the conditions of the people change we have yet to begin the reconstruction that we’re all aiming to achieve.  Until the people are no longer in tents and tarps and have access to basic services and a source of income, we have not made any strides at all.  Without proper shelter and means the people remain in insecurity.  Until a woman can feed her family, she will be exploited, whether or not she chooses to exploit herself.  Young girls are offering themselves on the street and children are being exploited by their own families at times.  The only end to such desperate measures are self sufficiency in the form of food, education, water, income, and sanitation.  The imbalance and colonial system of Haiti is too great to combat with a bandaid here and a bandaid there.  We need a revolution of change that impacts the individual…we have to start locally, and not just in port au prince.

Community Work

As it stands all of the community work that we are involved in is moving forward.  Carrefour Feuilles and Bas Gormand projects are one step away from implementation.  Richard and I, along with the committees of each community have been meeting and planning and volunteering for over five months now!  We’ve come a long way and I will make a formal announcement regarding our projects very soon.  Photos will definitely accompany them as well.  To date, I am still working on getting orphans sponsored.  We officially have 112 orphans sponsored for one year!  Truly, we are creating a solidarity movement with partners from Turkey, the US, and Haiti working together to give the children a chance…We’re going to make it.

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  1. August 14, 2010 11:01 pm

    “The day that I get too comfortable and accept the way that things are here, is the day that I no longer belong here. ”

    ^ This.

  2. Sally permalink
    August 21, 2010 1:47 pm

    Can I get info on sponsoring an orphan? Thank you,


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